You are invited…

Attention new seminar location, Hurghada, Egypt

You are invited to attend a seminar designed to teach, inspire and help you perfect your understanding and use of the Thompson Technique. The seminar will be presented by the president of the RTT-Union of Thompson Technique , Manfred Reichart, Heil./ Chiropractor, Certified Thompson Technique Instructor who was himself a 10 year student and co-Lecturer from Dr. Robert D. Jackson D.C, who was himself a 17 year student of the technique’s founder, Dr. J. Clay Thompson.

Manfred Reichart has been teaching and inspiring Chiropractors all over Europe for the last two and a half decades. He will teach the complete Thompson-Derefield (leg length) examination and analysis protocol. Manfred Reichart will present basic through advanced Thompson Technique adjusting procedures that have been added or modified based on the Thompson Technique Foundation board.

He wil also instruct on how to designate those conditions which may present contraindications to chiropractic care or specific modifications to adjusting in specific areas based on presentation of findings such as spondylolisthesis, pregnancy or pathology. This classroom andlab presentation will include hands on instruction of the Thompson Technique materials including legcheck analysis, the 5 basic categories and variations that occur in each analysis, rotated sacrum, the lumbar spine, the dorsal spine, the cervical spine and extremities. It will also include modifications for pediatric, geriatric and pregnancy.