Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Seminar Institute: RTT Union of Thompson-Technique

Owners: Manfred and Christine Reichart


1 Registration and terms of payment

  1. Registrations are only accepted in writing (registration form by email or post) with subsequent bank transfer of the full course fee. For this purpose, we kindly ask you to note the course title as well as the course date and venue on the registration form and the bank transfer.
  2. After receipt of payment on our account and receipt of the registration mentioned under a), the participant will receive a written confirmation of registration. The contract is concluded by sending this confirmation.
  3. Registrations will be considered according to the order of receipt of payment.
  4. If the registering person does not receive a written confirmation within 14 days, he/she must check with the RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique seminar institute to see whether the registration and the receipt of payment have been received by the RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique seminar institute.
  5. If the course is already fully booked when the registration is received, we will offer the registrants the participation in another course or, if necessary, keep a waiting list. In this case, a contract is only concluded upon confirmation of the registration by the applicant for an alternative course.
  6. Required doctor/physician or alternative practitioner titles are to be proven with the registration in the form of a copy of the certificate of participation. We point out that the exercise of the course contents of the seminar institute RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique in the sense of the law is only permitted to the doctor/physician or alternative practitioner.


2 Events

  1. The course fee is due and payable in advance for the entire course.
  2. Non-participation in the course does not exempt from payment of the entire course fee.
  3. The participant is obliged to keep to the dates.
  4. If a seminar cannot be attended due to illness (presentation of a medical certificate) or for other good reason, it can be made up for in the next following seminar RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique. Otherwise, further participation is not possible. However, this does not exempt the participant from paying the entire participation fee.


3 Deregistrations

  1. Are basically only valid in writing.
  2. If you cancel before the contract is concluded, no costs will be charged.
  3. In case of cancellation after entry in the list of participants and confirmation of receipt of payment = conclusion of the contract. Cancellation of registration only possible within 10 days after written registration! The course fee will be refunded with a deduction of € 50,00 handling fees.


4 Cancellation deadlines and force majeure

  1. If the seminar institute has to cancel at short notice, especially due to cancellation of the instructor, insufficient number of participants or other unforeseeable reasons, we will try to inform all participants in time.
  2. In these cases, the participation fee will of course be fully refunded if the participant does not wish to take part in another course.
  3. A further claim for damages is excluded.
  4. The seminar institute must reserve the right to make changes in the planned schedule/procedure if necessary.
  5. This can also particularly concern the change of course/course management and the relocation of lessons. However, we make every effort to counteract such situations in advance.
  6. Also in the interest of our participants, we will always try to find a substitute that is equivalent in every way.


5 Additional agreements

  1. Always require the written form for their effectiveness.


6 Liability

  1. The liability for all liability claims arising from the contractual relationship and other legal relationships (personal injury and property damage incurred by a participant before, during and/or after the event) is limited to gross negligence and intent, insofar as they affect the liability of the seminar institute and the respective event location.
  2. In the case of applications, demonstrations or exercises that a participant carries out on patients or other participants, each person concerned acts at his own risk.
  3. If a participant causes damage to a third party during the exercises and demonstrations, the liability of the seminar institute RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique remains unaffected.
  4. We would like to point out that the course and training contents are recommendations. The choice of the respective treatment/therapy/medicines is in any case a decision which the participants/therapists in the respective situation have to make themselves. No claims can be made against the RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique seminar institute or the lecturer as a result of any consequences.
  5. Seminar Institute RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique is not liable for the correctness and applicability of the content of the courses taught by the instructors.


7 Obligations of the Participant

  1. Participants are required in their own interest to participate regularly, punctually and in a concentrated manner in the events they have booked and to work in a self-reliant manner, which can be assumed in principle in adult education. In particular, disruptions of the lessons of any kind are to be avoided.
  2. The premises of the respective event location and the equipment and materials made available are to be treated with care. c) Smoking, eating and drinking in the course rooms is generally not permitted.
  3. The course organizers reserve the right to exclude participants who intentionally or grossly negligently violate these requirements from further participation in the event in question, either in whole or in part, as well as a complete exclusion from any further course offerings of the seminar institute RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique.
  4. The participant must compensate for any damages incurred.


8 Data protection

We collect, process and store your personal data only to provide a service commissioned by you or to execute a contract.

You can find more information on data protection at manfredreichartheilpraktiker.de .


9 Copyright protection

The teaching materials, in particular scripts/handouts, are provided to the participant exclusively for his or her sole and non-transferable personal use.

The teaching materials are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved by the seminar institute RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique. Any use outside the narrow limits of copyright law without the consent of Seminarinstitut RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique or the author is inadmissible and liable to prosecution. This applies in particular to copies, translations or use for teaching purposes outside the Seminarinstitut RTT-Union of Thompson-Technique. Sound and image recordings are not permitted during the event.

*Note: In order not to disturb the flow of reading, the masculine form is always used to designate persons and groups of persons for the sake of simplicity. Of course, the female form is included equally.